About Us

DIEN® Asesores Inmobiliarios:  We give consultancy for selling and buying of real estate and the promotion of them. We start operations in 1990 with the commitment of satisfying our client’s real estate needs and give them a top-quality service. In the 90´s we only promoted houses, apartments, land, etc… but now we offer mortgage loans so the buyer choose the best  credit solution.

In march 2006 we joined UCI (Union of Real Estate Agents A.C.) this was an important step because our real estate list has increased more than 2000 properties and we count with more than 500 Agents to promote them. This is a very important sales force with many Commercial places.

In January 2010 we became members of AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) that has 1900 affiliates around Mexico and more than seven thousand properties only in Mexico City.