You know what topics are included in the cost of the notary?

Deed expenses include the Certificate of Freedom
Taxes, registration fees at the Public Registry of Property Assessment, Notary fees, Certificate of Zoning for Land Use Permitted, certificate of no debts of Property Tax, Water, and Real Estate Acquisition Tax (ISAI).


I want to buy a house and start seeing properties immediately, although I do not know who to get a loan?

Let me tell you that our services include locating properties that fit your needs and a very important step is the pre-authorization for a mortgage loan with a financial institution (Bank, SOFOL, self financing, INFONAVIT, etc ...).

From experience I comment to you that many people throw themselves into the "Viacrucis" of finding your new home, not knowing exactly how much they will pay to the bank, spending time, money and effort looking at properties that may not be purchase.

When they like one, run to the nearest bank, and another and then another to have the same result, a smaller loan to which we hope, BRINGING WITH THIS FRUSTRATION AND STRESS.

We rely on mortgage brokers, they know the gear to bring to fruition the pursuit of your credit, in addition to constantly monitor the bids from financial institutions to offer the best option, we are sure they treat you as you deserve, because they will offer the loan that best suits your needs and more accessible by taking into account the value of the property, the interest rate, CAT, fees, term, how to verify your income, loan payment, etc. ... AND IT IS BEST THAT HAS NO COST TO YOU

What is the procedure when one of the co-owners have of their mental faculties?

It should arrange a judgment of interdiction:
• Appointing a tutor
• We must use a trial lawyer
• The family court judge authorized the sale
• The judge signed with the tutor
• The process takes about 6 months

I want to sell my house but I am renting two bedrooms and the utility room can we start advertising the house now?

Unless it is fully leased and income is high (ie, a building products attractive to an investor) is required that the property is completely empty, only then we will make a person acquires.


1. Tenants refuse to show the property

2. Can only be displayed when the tenant is willing and able

3. The lessee, not having any real interest in selling the house, he will not in good housekeeping

4. A prospectus interested in acquiring the property shall refuse to give an payment since it has no security when the tenant vacate the area.

5. A client interested in purchasing, will most likely want immediate possession and tenants can not guarantee with certainty that situation

6. Even with a lease with a term defined, the potential buyer does not know the kind of inhabitants of the locality and he knows the risks involved if the tenant does not vacate the property on the date stipulated in the contract

7. If the tenant was affected by the sale of the house because he did not have anywhere to go, will speak ill of the colony, neighbors, lack or deficiency of services and property in general, spoiling work of the agent and of course preventing the sale

I want to sell my apartment, the building has no condominium property regime are 10 apartments or 10 co-owners "how I can do?

In general, I can comment that is not easy, first they must notify the other joint owners in case anyone is interested in acquiring it, this is called the right of preemption, the notice is made ​​by an attorney on notice door of the owners and they have 8 days to answer, if anyone answers, you have to sell at the same price at which a third person outside the ownership wants to buy.

If no joint owner wants it, the new buyer will own 10% of the total building.
The notary will give the new buyer a certified copy of the script (which is equal to that of the other nine co-owners.


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